Eaves Wilder – I Stole Your Jumper

Eaves Wilder has been wronged and she’s taking ruthless, bloody minded revenge. Ok, so she’s starting small, taunting her ex that she’s pinched their jumper (we’re sure it’s a jumper they really, really loved) but as Eaves’ pissed off-ness unravels we get the point she’s been fucked over and the piss-taker in question is in for a world of sugar-sweet but scathing pain.

With a sound like Grimes, minus the electronics plus lots of grungy guitar, that could easily chill alongside Beabadoobee, London bedroom-pop creator Eavie Eaves Wilder’s first single in a year and a half and first release on Secretly Canadian records – ‘I Stole Your Jumper’ is a fast-paced, cutesily-ferocious indie rock dispatch to anyone who’s ever sought restrained but incredibly cathartic revenge on top of a clear warning for Eavie’s shitty ex’s to guard their most prized clothing.

‘I Stole Your Jumper’ was released on Secretly Canadian records, 25th October 2022. It’s got a really awesome video based on ‘Thelma & Louise’ and you can have a look below:

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