Pacifica – Hollow

Photo Credit: Sophie Davis

Someone has riled Cardiff trio Pacifica up good and proper and on ‘Hollow’ they’re laying right in. All the niceties are over, the gloves are off and their pain is about to be heard. The single’s release follows March’s ‘Orchard Drive’ EP, a fully formed, carefree, bluesy debut but where the blues flowed throughout the sound of their initial 3-track record, now their blues are focused firmly on one particular, dubious human being.

To put it bluntly, Pacifica are raging. Their guitars are grimier than ever and singer Sam Hill’s vocals plumb new depths of growl they’ve never explored before. Innovatively interspersed with clips of a reimagined phone call from a persistently suspicious ex-girlfriend, the song’s lyrics drag the girl, and even her family, through the mud. No prisoners are taken here. After all the murk and malady is through, credit needs to go to the lads for turning an extremely mucky situation into a massive, rollocking, mosher of a track.

‘Hollow’ was released on 28th October 2022 and streamable on all the usual streaming outlets. You can listen on Spotify below:

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