The Gulps – Candy

With each single release The Gulps seem to up the disco ante and we love it. During their recent string of festivals, support slots and headlining dates the Euro lads seamlessly adopted Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ into their set of indie-punk anthems and on latest single ‘Candy’ the group are still riding the very crest of that glimmery dance-flecked wave.

In fact, if those aforementioned NY new wave legends were captained by a Spanish guy named Javier instead of Debbie Harry we wouldn’t be too far off how The Gulps sound here, ramping up the disco-chic with a song dedicated to Andy Warhol’s transgender muse Candy Darling, drenching the record with the requisite glamorous sheen a song about the 1960’s icon demands, replete with a suggestively glorious outro that promises to: “shoot some sugar into you”.

‘Candy’ was released on 11th November. There is a shiny and spangly video for the single all waiting to be released on 18th November, so we’ll update the site with the video then. For the time being you can tap the Spotify link below to have a listen:

Edit: Now updated with the shiny, sparkly new video you can view below:

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