Marseille – Freedom

The natural question to ask several minutes into Derby newcomers Marseille’s third single ‘Freedom’ is, “Nice one! So when in the early 90s was this absolute stormer of a Madchester track released?” And if you were to ask that question, you’d be a fool on two counts: Count number 1: ‘Freedom’ was released on Friday 4th November, this very year – 2022. Count number 2: Marseille aren’t from Manchester (or the south of France either) but from Derby.

The single bears all the trademarks of the early 90’s post-Stone Roses scene – screeching guitars to open, a rhythmic, turbo-charged drum beat, pristine, jangly riffs and some cocksure but restrained vocals, you can almost hear the hands clasped firmly behind frontman Will Brown’s back. Equally as impressive as a sheer majesticness of the tune is the fact that these lads have an average age of 17.

Liking the sound of Marseille? The group are lined up to play a few gigs over the coming weeks, so if you’re anywhere near the following you want to snap yourself up some tickets:

Friday 18th November 2022 – Sidney and Matilda – Sheffield 
Saturday 19th November 2022 – The Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham 
Saturday 26th November 2022 – 02 Academy – Leicester 
Sunday 4th December 2022 – The Empire – Rochdale 

‘Freedom’ is available to listen to on all the best streaming platforms right now. The single’s video was also released last Friday and you can watch it below:

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