Fate Of The Sun – Hey Mate, Hey Mate!

Picture the scene: you’ve met a pal for a swift pint after work or stopped in a bar with your other half during a weekend afternoon shopping trip and you’re accosted by a total loose canon you used to go to school with or some live wire friend of a friend you had a 5 minute chat with on some fuzzy-around-the-edges, lost night a few years back who still somehow remembers your face. Fate of The Sun has been in just that situation and on new single ‘Hey Mate, Hey Mate!’ he’s turned what could only be a total ball-ache of a setup into a colossal, hard-hitting tune.

Performed over gritty, industrial beats and atmospheric, haunting synths, the Welsh solo virtuoso portrays a character best avoided, on a self-destruct mission, from a few too many lagers at a pub to getting lippy with a barman and threatening to kick a bouncer’s head in. You can feel the vocalist cringe as he delivers the crank’s lines, becoming more unhinged with the passing of every sentence, the tale ending with a clatter of rabble, jeering and clanking glasses as our anti-hero seems to get his violent way.

‘Hey Mate, Hey Mate!’ is available to download on the streaming platforms right now. You can also check out Fate Of The Sun’s first ever live performance, recorded and posted to YouTube on 16th November 2022, featuring the new single and prior track ‘Rogues Gallery’ including updated lyrics covering English MP Matt Hancock’s ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ jungle antics. We’ve put links to the single and live session below:

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