Primitive Soul – Euphoria

It’s an absolute wonder the South Wales valleys aren’t a total hotbed of nihilistic, angry young punk rock groups, given the deep political and social history of the locale and the fact that even today driving up the Heads of the Valleys road can conjure a sense of melancholic angst in the pit of your belly. Up until now, Blackwood, Caerphilly, has only really had the one gang of musical sons to brag of (we’re talking about Manic Street Preachers, obviously) but Primitive Soul are having a go at changing all that.

Their second single ‘Euphoria’ is a capricious, low slung, punk rock hymn to the blasé joy of wayward wondering, full of gunshot guitar assaults, surging solos and frenzied drumming. The four-piece assail their instruments with a blitzkrieg of fury but the overriding atmosphere ends up being one of a refreshing, if reluctant, optimism for “this new day dawning” rather than despair and destruction.

‘Euphoria’ was released on 1st August 2022 – soz, we missed it at the time! It’s available to hear on all the streaming sites now. We’ve put the Spotify link below:

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