King Violet – Do Me A Favour EP

Having already made the Manchester music scene take note with a bombardment of gripping live shows, toward the end of last year King Violet unleashed their debut EP to the rest of the world, and boy does the world need to hear it! Wielding riot grrl energy, the group have created their own darkly textured cosmos filled with hauntingly emotive guitar solos, post-punk drive and gothic soundscapes.

In the band’s own words: “The EP talks of our experiences as young women coming face to face with misogyny, the growing pains of leaving home and challenging relationships.”, singer Mai Anderson delivering her exposition of gritty 21st century life over the band’s complex and shadowy compositions.

Lead single ‘The Pedant’ is a storm of searing riffs, jagged drums and an accusing, chant-along, powerfully catchy chorus aimed at a cheating ex. ‘Brightest Eyes’ is a slow and sorrowful comedown, questioning the merit of a shaky relationship. ‘Tya’ seems to be about a temperamental cat, with a deep, pounding bass and drum ambiance that becomes a severe and unforgiving reprimand to a once cherished feline, unless we’re no longer still talking about the cat here?

Seamlessly, the track leads into final song ‘Do Me a Favour’, boasting jabbing guitar beats and a jaunty rhythm that make way to a spectral, assertive anthem against male bigotry and abuse. King Violet posses a 360 talent for commanding alt-rock singles and brooding atmospherics, not shying away from tackling mettlesome subject matter. Across their ‘Do Me a Favour’ EP, they have crammed the whole damned lot into one explosively powerful record.

The ‘Do Me A Favour’ EP was released on 25th November 2022 and is available to hear on all streaming platforms now. Find the video for ‘Tya / Do Me A Favour’ below:

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