The Malakites – Morning After

Regret has rarely sounded as tuneful as the regret The Malakites are feeling on new single ‘Morning After’. But what better thing to do with anguish over missed opportunity than write a big fucking rock song about it? Luckily for you and I that’s exactly what these Cardiff lads have done. Having already started to make serious waves on the South Wales gig circuit, The Malakites latest is a solid indie rock stormer to sure up the worthy hype that’s already building about them.

Beckoned in by chiming guitar that could have been borrowed from a Pavement track, a lightning speed drum fill chucks us straight into this absolute monster of an Oasis inspired song about messing up with a girl and then seriously wishing you hadn’t. And did we mention the killer false ending? Yeah, this song has one of them too, before treating us to one last blast of an outro.

Any Cardiffians wanting to check The Malakites out live, head over to Clwb Ifor Bach on Thursday 19th January. Tickets are still available and will only set you back a fiver, but supplies are getting low.

‘Morning After’ was released on 5th January and is available to stream at all of the usual outlets right now. Hear the song on YouTube below:

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