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In some ways a radiant sister-song to the record that originally brought Vona Vella to the wider public’s attention – ‘Sun’, the duo have named their new single ‘Divine’ and we’d gladly call it the same. The second single to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled debut LP sees the pair, described in some quarters as Leicestershire’s answer to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsborough, focus on what they do best, coming up with a blissed-out, heavenly, jazz-style number with gentle vocals, easy strummed guitar and soothing flute.

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The pure simplicity of the catchy melody is exposed when the track opens with what sounds like a lo-fi demo of singer Izzy Davies performing the song, bolstering the layered production that begins in the chorus with warm keyboards, calm drums and Davies’s sighing vocals. Aside from the gorgeous divinity of the sound, the song is an interplay between Izzy and partner Dan Cunningham, one trying to install euphoria in the other with the bittersweet couplet “Maybe it’s already too late to let you down, but I don’t feel so safe when you’re not around”, Dan lending his sonorous vocals to bring the record to a close. A divine sentiment behind a pure pop tune.

Vona Vella have announced the release of their debut self-titled LP, due out on 28th July 2023. You can pre-order it in a range of coloured vinyls and limited edition sleeves over at the band’s official store. See the track list below:

1. Divine
2. Thought We Were Falling In Love
3. Ariel
4. Intertwined
5. Kim
6. Telephones
7. Stop Running In The Dark
8. I Would Do Anything You Want Me To
9. Anchor
10. Old Girl
11. What We Could Be
12. Roll Into Forever

The song’s music video takes images of the group on tour – onstage, on the bus and eyeing up between-gig snacks. You can view it below:

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