Small Miracles – Mercury

Photo Credit: Ren Faulkner

At it’s most powerful and wonderfully vicious, music can act as a mirror to beauty, but also to sheer ugliness in a desperate effort to effect change. Cardiff glam-punks Small Miracles take the second tack on latest single ‘Mercury’, confronting the toxic masculinity of violent fathers, frightened youths and the patheticness of getting a kick out of hurting those weaker than you – especially your own kids.

Wielding new wave panache, unyielding flamboyance and a burly, thunderous bassline to hammer their message home to every fist-flailing meathead in earshot, the South Wales four-piece meld Talking Heads with Pixies and the result is magnificently thrilling. On hearing lead vocalist Finn Pelling’s obliterating primal howl rubbed up against shimmering synths and resounding guitar, even the stockiest fat-necked dullard will crumble.

Photo Credit: Ren Faulkner

‘Mercury’ was released on 19th May 2023 via Newport label Dirty Carrot records. You can listen to it in all its ferocious glory on all streaming platforms right now. We’ve conveniently put a Spotify link for you below:

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