Papa Jupe’s T.C. – Other Men

Minimalism, mystery and rabid stylophone abound on Papa Jupe’s T.C.’s newest one ‘Other Men’, the first offering unleashed on the world from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Wetmarket’. Sparsely draped over a mesmerizing bassline, the Cardiffian quintent (we think there are five of them, they keep their faces in the shadows for the blessed glory of Jupe) create tunes like a more mystical Working Men’s Club.

Photo Credit: @the_rakes_progress

Positioning themselves at the melodic reaches of the post-punk genre, Papa Jupe’s T.C.’s tough to decipher lyrics jack up the grand enigma at play whilst the wavy melody mingled with rugged vocals and stop-start rhythms ensure proceedings stay accessible. If you stick around, we’ve a feeling it won’t be long at all until you too are also falling at the feet of the ever wondrous Jupe.

Also – SOS: Papa Jupe’s T.C. have been nominated on the ‘Green Man Rising’ shortlist. They’re currently battling it out against a load of other quality acts to get on the Green Man festival line up. Please have a heart and donate your last vote to their very worthy cause. Tap the link to get started – ‘Green Man Rising’ vote.

The ‘Wetmarket’ EP is due for release on 28th June, ‘Other Men’ is available right now for the express purpose of your satisfaction. You can find the stalker-torturing video for the track below:

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