Papa Jupe’s T.C. – Wetmarket EP

Who is Papa Jupe? And what is his T.C? We’re still not certain but after hearing the ‘Wetmarket EP’ we think we could be persuaded to give up all our worldly possessions and prostrate ourselves in front of a graven image of him or some shit. Because five lads from Cardiff, who we guess are his T.C., have had a deeply affecting encounter with him and deigned to bless us with the fruits of what they learned.

Photo Credit: Jess May

The first fruits of which is a lively track about ‘R. Kelly’, the golden arches (aka McDonalds) and UTIs. A hammond organ intro calling to Jupe himself leads the way to the one song explicitly dealing with this questionable deity, ‘Touched By God’, through the medium of surf guitars, a rock’n’roll rhythm and exuberant vocals.

In case you were thinking things were getting a little too conventional, ‘Spank!’ splices together C86 with baggy to fantasize about taking Rupert Murdoch hostage and making him endure a saucy beating, before the sad trumpet infested rousing comedown of ‘W.U.A’ – weak, useless and afraid. The age of Papa Jupe’s T.C. approacheth – we’ve been reliably informed he’ll strike your heathen heart down if you don’t get yourself down to a gig of theirs as an act of worthy sacrifice.

‘Wetmarket’ EP was released on 28th June 2023. We previously wrote about the other EP track ‘Other Men’ and you can listen to the whole record over on Spotify or wherever you get your musical goodness right now. We’ve put a Spotify link just for you below:

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