Tom Auton – Go Back

Photo Credit: Tom Damsell

Looking for a low down and dirty, utterly intoxicating, brooding blues-rock record to have on repeat for an indeterminate number of days? Well your search has come to its sweet end as Cardiff singer/songwriter/guitar and production virtuoso Tom Auton has just the piece of Royal Blood-esque audio gold you need.

Photo Credit: Tom Damsell

The riffs on ‘Go Back’ are delectably mean, reaching peak levels of scuzz, Auton’s masterly vocals acting as a clean and tuned-up counterpoint to the satisfyingly murky instrumentation, with lyrics oozing paranoia, intrigue and loss. Auton is already a veteran of the South Wales music scene, with a hefty arsenal of releases and production credits under his belt, but if ‘Go Back’ is any indication we reckon the artist has plenty of fruitfully fuzzed-up musical ground spread out in front of him to explore yet.

‘Go Back’ was released on 26th May 2023 and comes complete with Tom Auton’s first ever music video, a beguiling black and white take that sees the musician performing with his band aside some utterly exemplary rockstar guitar poses. You can find the track on all the streaming platforms, and we’ve linked the video below:

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