Sterling Press – What Would You Do?

No two ways about it, we’re in the middle of a Britpop resurgence, with the original players (Blur and Pulp) performing some historic reunions shows and the likes of Sports Team and The Goa Express taking inspiration for some incredible new singles. ‘What Would You Do?’ sees London chaps Sterling Press crashing the party in spectacular fashion with a track we’d be very willing to crown ‘Best Britpop Single of 2023’.

The now-Liverpool-based four piece make a knees-up out of a chirpy punk tune, with frisky, fuzzy guitars and riotous rhythms, emphatically demanding the listener “Go, go chase the life that you think you need”, instead of bogging themselves down with everyone else’s shit. Rumour has it, if you listen hard enough you can actually hear their Adidas jackets between notes in the music.

‘What Would You Do?’ was released on 16th August through Manchester label Fear Records and you can find it on all of the download platforms right now. We’ve put the video down below there for you to see:

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