Fate Of The Sun – Rogues Gallery

Cardiff DIY recording artist Fate Of The Sun has had it with the current crop of lead politicians and on new single ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ he lines them up against the wall, along with some individuals he considers their moral kin, placing Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Matt Hancock, Trump and Putin next to killers Fred and Rose West, Harold Shipman and Dennis Nilsen in this scathing political takedown.

Angry, scuzzy synth and F.O.T.S’s distinctive sung-rap vocals create a menacing atmosphere in which Margaret Thatcher is compared to Jeffrey Epstein’s friend – the Duke of York and if you’re left with any lingering questions over how the solo artist would like them to be dealt with, the repeated satisfying gunshot sound effects should provide answer enough.

Fate Of The Sun’s Tim put it this way: “Just because you wear a Eton tie, it doesn’t make you above the Law. Rogues Gallery is a reaction to the recent bollocks we are having to put up with from our politicians. It seems like scumbag is the number one attribute needed to become a political figure so I’m just lumping all the Scumbags together! The decisions these people make can have a generational effect on people’s lives and families, as do the crimes committed by the other disgusting individuals who make up my Rogues Gallery.

The rogue’s gallery or gallery of rouges in my mind is like a shooting gallery at the fair but in a fucked up Black Mirror type alternative dystopian world. Instead of a target to aim at, you get the chance to shoot the actual rogue. Very brutal, but think Running Man, Battle Royal or most recently Squid Game. Rogues Gallery would live in that type of universe.”

‘Rogues Gallery’ was released on Friday 22nd July on all the streaming platforms and you can hear it on Spotify below:

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