Andrew Cushin – Just Like You’d Want Me To

We thought Newcastle lad Andrew Cushin’s career was destined for massive things when his third ever single release was produced by Noel Gallagher and he signed a record deal early on with Peter Doherty’s record label. As if just to round off that nosebleed-inducing level of endorsement, the singer-songwriter is currently finishing off a slewContinue reading “Andrew Cushin – Just Like You’d Want Me To”

Sterling Press – What Would You Do?

No two ways about it, we’re in the middle of a Britpop resurgence, with the original players (Blur and Pulp) performing some historic reunions shows and the likes of Sports Team and The Goa Express taking inspiration for some incredible new singles. ‘What Would You Do?’ sees London chaps Sterling Press crashing the party inContinue reading “Sterling Press – What Would You Do?”

The View – Exorcism of Youth

Indie sleaze’s most erratic ragamuffins announced their reformation back in May this year with an event described as “a brotherly bust-up that went to far” as fists flew onstage in Manchester between frontman Kyle Falconer and bassist Kieran Webster, proving to their listening public that, spiritually, all as is the violently affectionate same as it’sContinue reading “The View – Exorcism of Youth”

Vona Vella – Vona Vella LP

A short moment after forming in August 2020, Nottinghamshire based duo Vona Vella launched their debut single, the blissed out, relaxed summer melody ‘Sun’. The record went swiftly viral, bolstered by a remix by ambient tunesters Morcheeba, an unimaginable feat for a group only just in their infancy. So where next to go after that?Continue reading “Vona Vella – Vona Vella LP”

PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife

Why do boys want to be in bands? And what are fans crying for when they holler at their heroes? PREGOBLIN are fucked if they know, but the boys keep trying to shoot their shot and us fans keep on shouting, ad infinitum and forever. PREGOBLIN is Fat White Family collaborator and ex-The Saudis memberContinue reading “PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife”

Coach Party – What’s The Point In Life

Existential rumination is the order of the day on superb Isle of Wight indie pop-punks Coach Party’s latest release. Rather than dress up their existence-related observation in metaphor and allegory, the foursome come straight out asking ‘What’s the point in life’ and seem rather content to not have any answers. Strong bass and ferocious drumsContinue reading “Coach Party – What’s The Point In Life”

Blur – St. Charles Square

Britpop’s perennially cheeky cockney chappies are on the comeback road and the second single of their renaissance – ‘St Charles Square’ is a sprightly distillation of the many varied elements that made Blur outstanding in the first place. Which elements in particular are they, you ask, for clarification purposes? Firstly, Damon Albarn’s in peak EnglishContinue reading “Blur – St. Charles Square”

Andrew Cushin – 4.5%

From Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran all the way over to Sam Fender and Jake Bugg, solo boys with guitars are currently in vogue and they tend to stick to formulas, like the former two artists with their arena and stadium packing emotion saturated acoustic-ish pop songs or the latter two artists who make sonicallyContinue reading “Andrew Cushin – 4.5%”

The Snuts – Gloria

The sun’s out, June’s kicking on, the air’s warming and all the barbeque parties, sunbathing sessions in the park and weekend trips to the beach are firing up. It’s as if Scottish indie professionals The Snuts have been gripping tight hold of ‘Gloria’, ready to drop it as soon as the seasons shoot up aContinue reading “The Snuts – Gloria”

Tom Auton – Go Back

Looking for a low down and dirty, utterly intoxicating, brooding blues-rock record to have on repeat for an indeterminate number of days? Well your search has come to its sweet end as Cardiff singer/songwriter/guitar and production virtuoso Tom Auton has just the piece of Royal Blood-esque audio gold you need. The riffs on ‘Go Back’Continue reading “Tom Auton – Go Back”