The Great Leslie – All Good Things

Positively obsessed with the silver screen of mid-20th century Britain, London lads The Great Leslie infuse fast-paced and dramatic, energetic indie rock with vintage, old-worlde style, latest single ‘All Good Things’ being their most perfect exemplar yet with the four-piece stitching a quote from Celia Johnson in the 1945 classic Brief Encounter on fighting impermanenceContinue reading “The Great Leslie – All Good Things”

Softcult – One of a Million

Classically, the more shoegaze, dreampop or covered in fuzzy distortion a band is, the more they care about effects units and experimentation over conveying a world-improving message in their music. Canadian duo Softcult are here to buck the trend with a sound crammed with lush melodies, coated in grunge tinted euphoria, yet packing sheer punk,Continue reading “Softcult – One of a Million”

Pyncher – The Saddest Man Around

With their latest single, Pyncher’s message is a simple, succinct and expertly executed one. When over a low slung, slow drag of a rhythm, vocalist and frontman Sam Blakeley declares presumptuously yet authoritatively that he’s ‘The Saddest Man Around’, which also happens to be the single’s title, we must admit we feel inclined to takeContinue reading “Pyncher – The Saddest Man Around”

Static Inc – Brithgofion

Cardiff art rock three-piece, Static Inc, have put out their latest Welsh language EP ‘Brithgofion’, a literal mosaic of mesmeric sound and genres, taking onboard classic and prog-rock, then buffing it up with a contemporary indie sheen to craft a collection of sublime otherworldly and vital melodies. Recorded entirely in their own home studios, manyContinue reading “Static Inc – Brithgofion”

The National feat. Bon Iver – Weird Goodbyes

The National and Bon Iver teaming up on a record sounds like it should be the kind of release that has fanfares going off, a momentous coming together of the greatest minds of the folk-rock scene getting everyone majorly excited, the wet dream of the late noughties indie fan. But a decade on, the releaseContinue reading “The National feat. Bon Iver – Weird Goodbyes”

Arctic Monkeys – There’d Better Be A Mirrorball

Arctic Monkeys have finally released their long awaited comeback single ‘There’d Better Be A Mirrorball’ after four years of fans wondering if they should prepare to mourn their heroes, after 2018’s ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ was both a runaway success, hitting number 1 in charts around the world, and at the same time leftContinue reading “Arctic Monkeys – There’d Better Be A Mirrorball”

Pixy Jones – Hold Your Tongue

If you haven’t freaked out yet today then we recommend you stick on Pixy Jones’ new single ‘Hold Your Tongue’ and save your daily dose of freaking out until then. Err… no, not because of the screwy walrus mask the songsmith and sometime member of South Wales music scene stalwarts El Goodo has donned forContinue reading “Pixy Jones – Hold Your Tongue”

Angel Hotel – Automobile

Escapist abandonment doesn’t come any more insistently joyful than Cardiff four-piece Angel Hotel’s latest single ‘Automobile’. On this, their fifth single, the group fully embrace the quintessence of their retro dream-pop pizazz by summing up the elation of hopping in an unassuming motor vehicle, driving to the middle of nowhere and idyllically getting away fromContinue reading “Angel Hotel – Automobile”

Broken Fires – Underside

Nostalgia and rueful, youthful memories run amok on the latest single from one of South Wales’ finest, Broken Fires. ‘Underside’ is a confessional letter to either a long lost compadres or love, we’re not sure which but evidently the affection is strong. Full of Frightened Rabbit and Biffy Clyro energy, singer Tom Stephens’ achingly honestContinue reading “Broken Fires – Underside”

Harri Larkin – Bonfire Toffee

Indie surf funk wonders Harri Larkin are back with their first single since last year’s ‘Beach City’ album and they’re totally on form. Having opened the main stage of Tramlines Festival this year, the Sheffield trio grasp the limelight shining on them right now with ‘Bonfire Toffee’ and it just so happens to be theContinue reading “Harri Larkin – Bonfire Toffee”