The Cribs – Swinging at Shadows

To put it simply, The Cribs are brilliant, consistently so, and they’ve put out another brilliant single, a truly vital, energetic, poppy 3 minute something song to stand up there amongst all their other songs of the same description. Sorry, not amongst them, at the forefront. As joyful, loud and catchy as their material mostly is, The Cribs thankfully seem happy to keep smashing through their well-honed formula, and long may they continue to do so.

Edge of Arcady

This blog isn’t brand new. I started it several years ago but very quickly ran out of steam. Lately, however, I’ve been enjoying a bunch of music and wishing again that I had somewhere I could show it off to the world. So I’m back!

I’m going to just post about any and all music I like, no specific theme, male and female fronted bands, probably guitar heavy stuff, singles, albums, gigs and whatever else inspires me to sit at my computer and write an article up to describe it.

Feel free to stick around and have a read.