Pineto Cats – The ‘A Line To Separate’ Interview

“We never knew when we started rehearsing the song that it would turn into a twenty month jam.” Way back when, in the early days of Edge of Arcady, we received a message from Irish indie group Pineto Cats, pointing us in the direction of their seven minute epic video A Line To Separate. WithContinue reading “Pineto Cats – The ‘A Line To Separate’ Interview”

Gang Of Youths – The Man Himself

Gang of Youths have this knack, where their songs sound a bit like Bruce Springsteen, but they get you right in the heart in a way The Boss won’t do. ‘The Man Himself’ follows in the same finely crafted tradition. Still present are the Australian five piece’s trademark violins, piano and stadium guitar over aContinue reading “Gang Of Youths – The Man Himself”

April – Piece of Me

Ireland’s April Lawlor has put out two fantastically sultry electro-indie EPs to date, namely 2020s New Conditions and Luna. Piece of Me is release number three, produced by Low Spirits/Spector’s Fred Macpherson, co-written with Sea Girls’ Frank Colluci, and with it the stakes get raised yet again. Firmly aimed at the mainstream, the record isContinue reading “April – Piece of Me”

Kaputt – Movement Now

Kaputt are six Glaswegian art punks and their latest single ‘Movement Now’ is a post-Brexit DIY critique on the UK’s immigration policy, advocating more freedom of movement as opposed to the gammon-consensus demand for immigration limits. Starting as a doomy rumination over chirping drone guitar from lead singer Cal Donnelly, in his almost gothic drawl,Continue reading “Kaputt – Movement Now”

Vona Vella – Driving to L.A.

Driving to L.A. is a sunny, optimistic soul song with jazz. A wistful, escapist soundtrack, like a road trip to a far off place, “a thousand miles away” on a crisp autumn day with the windows down and the radio on. Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham share entwined vocal duties as a duo, Izzy’s sweet,Continue reading “Vona Vella – Driving to L.A.”

Pigeon Wigs – Near The Knuckle

One day Cardiff’s newest gang, Pigeon Wigs, convinced Jack White, The Rolling Stones and The Black Keys to go for a stroll in Blackweir Woods. When they got to a clearing all five band members pounced on them and forced them into a Fisher Price blender. They slammed down the lid and switched the blenderContinue reading “Pigeon Wigs – Near The Knuckle”

Jaws The Shark – Cold Feet

Jaws The Shark is London (via North Devon) songwriter and one man band Olly Bailey. Cold Feet is the latest blues-punk riff-laden beast of a record from his new solo project. Drawing on The White Stripes and The Kills early 2000s garage rock revival, the song is packed with melodic hooks and turns the rawnessContinue reading “Jaws The Shark – Cold Feet”

The Magic Gang and The Goa Express – Tramshed, Cardiff, 10/10/2021

Tonight’s gig was originally scheduled to take place in March but, like every good thing in life, was delayed due to COVID-19. The room has been waiting a long time for this gig. First on are The Goa Express from Manchester. Unassuming in tee shirts and jumpers, swigging from cans of Red Stripe, they makeContinue reading “The Magic Gang and The Goa Express – Tramshed, Cardiff, 10/10/2021”