Weezer – I Want A Dog

Years, scenes, SZNZ come and go, but Weezer remain. A band who have inspired many a scene but never been a part of any. And why have they managed to stick around? Because at some point over the past three decades they hit upon, if not pioneered, a winning formula that includes: 80s metal riffs,Continue reading “Weezer – I Want A Dog”

Lana Del Rey – Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

There actually is a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard, a million reviews have rejoiced in telling the world over the past couple of days. It’s named Jergins Tunnel, leading to Long Beach, California, and having looked at a few pictures it’s a fair bit grubbier these days than the LA songstress would have us believe. ButContinue reading “Lana Del Rey – Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”

whenyoung – Unchained

Irish alt-pop duo whenyoung have already dished out two massive, expansive and perfectly formed pristine tunes this year with ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ and ‘The Laundress’ but before 2022 ends the Limerick twosome have decided to launch possibly the best of the bunch out into the world as well, just for good measure. ‘Unchained’Continue reading “whenyoung – Unchained”

The Others – Fourth Album Recording Sessions

We spend Friday evening, 18th November 2022, eagerly sat on the control room sofa in London’s Brixton Hill Studios, as Johnny Others, Jimmy Lager and Eddie Darko sit alongside us, listening anxiously to a keyboard-lead recording of new song ‘New Part Of Town’ as drummer Joseph Gardiner-Lowe recuperates from a major drumming session with aContinue reading “The Others – Fourth Album Recording Sessions”

Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast – Mad Love

Ramping up the rock’n’roll all the way to its vaudeville peak, Damien Luke and The Sweet Beast are exploding back onto your stereo with their second single, ‘Mad Love’, choosing to eschew sixty years of culture and taking their favourite musical medium right back to its very genesis, tapping straight into the 1950s masterclass ofContinue reading “Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast – Mad Love”

Bethan Lloyd – Cutting Circuits

Bethan Lloyd describes her new single ‘Cutting Circuits’ as “a celebration of relinquishing control, both internally and externally. Changing the pathways of one’s life and opening up to genuine and powerful experiences of awe” and, as peculiar as it may seem to say, you can almost feel those very things happening as the track unfurls.Continue reading “Bethan Lloyd – Cutting Circuits”

Fate Of The Sun – Hey Mate, Hey Mate!

Picture the scene: you’ve met a pal for a swift pint after work or stopped in a bar with your other half during a weekend afternoon shopping trip and you’re accosted by a total loose canon you used to go to school with or some live wire friend of a friend you had a 5Continue reading “Fate Of The Sun – Hey Mate, Hey Mate!”

Marseille – Freedom

The natural question to ask several minutes into Derby newcomers Marseille’s third single ‘Freedom’ is, “Nice one! So when in the early 90s was this absolute stormer of a Madchester track released?” And if you were to ask that question, you’d be a fool on two counts: Count number 1: ‘Freedom’ was released on FridayContinue reading “Marseille – Freedom”

The Gulps – Candy

With each single release The Gulps seem to up the disco ante and we love it. During their recent string of festivals, support slots and headlining dates the Euro lads seamlessly adopted Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ into their set of indie-punk anthems and on latest single ‘Candy’ the group are still riding the very crest of thatContinue reading “The Gulps – Candy”

Columbia – Disorder

Causing a stir in the rock’n’roll guitar band underground, Cardiff’s Columbia have only one apparent mission and that’s to put out massive, expansive sounding, towering, alternative rock tunes. Penned by lead guitarist Ben Rowlands – ‘Disorder’, their first new music since debut album release ‘Embrace The Chaos’, has them with all guns blazing, taking majorContinue reading “Columbia – Disorder”