The Pagans S.O.H. – Emergence Of Forgotten Power

Thousands of years ago a prophecy was made that a hip hop band would be born with a pure funk groove, revealing all manner of suppressed mystical hermetic secrets. The Pagans S.O.H. (That is The Pagans (Shepherds of Humanity)), know they are the foretold harbingers and on new single Emergence Of Forgotten Power they’re onContinue reading “The Pagans S.O.H. – Emergence Of Forgotten Power”

Death Of The High Street – Banker

When the bone-shaking bassline rumbles, signaling the start of Death Of The High Street’s second single, you know you’re in for a treat. Seconds later the drums blitz their way in and so begins a fierce take down of that penthouse elite who’ve never received comeuppance for causing the global financial crash. Vocalist Scott BaxterContinue reading “Death Of The High Street – Banker”

Phoebe Green – So Grown Up

So Grown Up is a tribute to lost innocence and disillusionment. Wavy, sky-scraping synthesisers, the audio equivalent of Green’s bright aesthetic, and a flagellating drum track engineer an aura of poignancy as Phoebe asks a childhood friend “What happened to the boys we fucked with at school? Now you’re in love with a man theContinue reading “Phoebe Green – So Grown Up”

Tom – Mood Swings // Kept It To Myself

Tom (Atkin, singer in Hull punks The Paddingtons, father of Lux and co-host of the 22 Grand Pod podcast)’s low key new single Mood Swings is as tenderly unbalanced as the title suggests. Opening with sparse, echoey vocals and a lonely bassline, the song builds up to become a brooding wall of sound, wonky guitarsContinue reading “Tom – Mood Swings // Kept It To Myself”

Foals – Wake Me Up

If a band were given the title of most vibrant alternative rock act in 2021, it would be Foals. Coming unimaginably far from the ‘math-rock’ label adopted by them on 2008 debut ‘Antidotes’, latest albums ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ Parts I & II saw the Oxford boys straddle a zig-zag line between dance-punkContinue reading “Foals – Wake Me Up”

The Skinner Brothers – Put Me Down As A Maybe

Fresh off the road supporting Kasabian across the UK, The Skinner Brothers strike while the iron’s hot and launch another solid tune out into the musical stratosphere in the shape of ‘Put Me Down As A Maybe’. Taking in their tour pals’ fuzzy, electronic squelches with a top Stone Roses/Happy Mondays baggy rhythm gushing throughContinue reading “The Skinner Brothers – Put Me Down As A Maybe”

NewDad – Ladybird

On the surface of things, Ladybird is weightless. Its guitars are airy, sounding like they’re floating, chiming in and out of the ether, surrounded by white fluffy clouds. But then, when vocalist Julie Dawson sings, her calm, smooth, treacle sweet voice masks a bagload of anguish, unable to decide whether the grass is greener, insomniaContinue reading “NewDad – Ladybird”

Sterling Press – Plastic Bag // Daisy

For some reason I don’t think Sterling Press are singing about Tesco 20p carriers here. Plastic Bag is another essential communication from the London lads of ‘Lots of Noise’ fame. An all-in optimistic alt-indie tune about anticipation to the point of feeling sick, and longing to “feel the magic/ like a plastic bag/, feel theContinue reading “Sterling Press – Plastic Bag // Daisy”

Kasabian – ALYGATYR

Mired in controversy over last year’s shock exit of joint frontman Tom Meighan, Kasabian have kept their heads down since but comeback single Alygatyr is the sound of a band reenergised, hungry and able to take back their place at the top of the charts. Now solely fronted by Serge Pizzorno, Kasabian have upped theirContinue reading “Kasabian – ALYGATYR”

The Gulps – Stuck In The City

The Gulps have been touted for a while now as the most exciting new punk band about, making a severe mark on the London music circuit since the lifting of lockdown restrictions. But until now, unless you were lucky enough to find yourself in the audience at one of their reportedly riotous shows, we’ve onlyContinue reading “The Gulps – Stuck In The City”