Megan Wyn – You Don’t Get It

The debut single proper from Welsh girl in Manchester Megan Wyn is an absolute corker! Those folk keeping their eyes on the emerging music scene have likely noted that Wyn has spent the past two years putting out music and playing venues all over the UK but the release of ‘You Don’t Get It’ seesContinue reading “Megan Wyn – You Don’t Get It”

PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife

Why do boys want to be in bands? And what are fans crying for when they holler at their heroes? PREGOBLIN are fucked if they know, but the boys keep trying to shoot their shot and us fans keep on shouting, ad infinitum and forever. PREGOBLIN is Fat White Family collaborator and ex-The Saudis memberContinue reading “PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife”

The Kills – New York / LA Hex

Transatlantic minimalist blues duo The Kills have got back together after a seven year hiatus, announcing their reformation with a two single release – ‘New York’ and ‘LA Hex’, sounding as muddied and bloodied as they ever did before. ‘New York’ is an Alison Mossheart lead composition of ominous bass rumbles, low beats, rat-a-tat-tat burstsContinue reading “The Kills – New York / LA Hex”

Shackles of Shame – On Tick

Short, sharp and fucking vicious. If we could leave the review there, we would. As it goes we need to pad things out a bit more, and Shackles of Shame’s ‘On Tick’ deserves a few more words anyway. With a firm reputation under their belts on the Cardiff alt-music scene, the cassock attired post-punk four-pieceContinue reading “Shackles of Shame – On Tick”

Black Grape – Milk

The newly sober grand-priest of Madchester and former Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder has teamed back up with sometime bandmate and fellow Mancunian rapper – Kermit, to create another batch of swaggering new Black Grape songs after six years away, with ‘Milk’ being their latest spellbindingly pulsating offering. Containing all the ingredients of their 90sContinue reading “Black Grape – Milk”

Coach Party – What’s The Point In Life

Existential rumination is the order of the day on superb Isle of Wight indie pop-punks Coach Party’s latest release. Rather than dress up their existence-related observation in metaphor and allegory, the foursome come straight out asking ‘What’s the point in life’ and seem rather content to not have any answers. Strong bass and ferocious drumsContinue reading “Coach Party – What’s The Point In Life”

Gemma Rogers – New World Order

Dub-flecked lullabies don’t come much more political than this. London’s Gemma Rogers has serious concerns about the road this country of ours is being steered down and on ‘New World Order’ she has a go at casually sussing out who’s really calling the shots, name checking “faceless clowns – you leave us choiceless” and feelingContinue reading “Gemma Rogers – New World Order”

Nicky Wire – Keeper of the Flame

As a rule of thumb, in most bands the frontman is the powerhouse, the largest personality, the loudest mouth. But for Wales’ absolute greatest, Manic Street Preachers, that’s simply not the case, with singer and guitarist James Dean Bradfield being the first to admit his charisma weighs in at only a fraction of his lyricist,Continue reading “Nicky Wire – Keeper of the Flame”

Aderyn – I Wish I Had A Dog

We’ve been racking our brains on this one but we’re pretty sure that, to date, there have been zero songs inspired by the utter horrendousness of suffering private rental landlords with rules like 1) No Dogs and 2) Fines for putting up pictures on your wall. With her latest single ‘I Wish I Had AContinue reading “Aderyn – I Wish I Had A Dog”

Andrew Cushin – 4.5%

From Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran all the way over to Sam Fender and Jake Bugg, solo boys with guitars are currently in vogue and they tend to stick to formulas, like the former two artists with their arena and stadium packing emotion saturated acoustic-ish pop songs or the latter two artists who make sonicallyContinue reading “Andrew Cushin – 4.5%”