Fate Of The Sun – Mr Beige

“Half a lager top, some ready salted crisps/ Pastel coloured polo, bumbag on their hip”, there’s a type of bloke that winds Fate Of The Sun right up. For the sake of F.O.T.S’s new single, we’re calling him Mr Beige. He’s not an arsehole, he’s definitely not evil – a predilection for crusty rolls dippedContinue reading “Fate Of The Sun – Mr Beige”

Sufjan Stevens – Will Anybody Ever Love Me?

You don’t simply listen to Sufjan Stevens. When he’s at the top of his game, hearing a Sufjan Stevens release is a spiritual, nay evangelical experience. And ‘Will Anybody Ever Love Me?’ is the Detroit alt-folk artist at the very top of his game, with all of the finger picked lute and soft, sensitive vocalContinue reading “Sufjan Stevens – Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”

86TVs – Worn Out Buildings

If we somehow physically could in writing, we would start this review off with a massive welcome back round of applause, with heaps of whoops and cheering, to Hugo and Felix White, ex-members of the dearly missed Maccabees, thank them profusely for coming back with new group 86TVs, and for coming back with an utterlyContinue reading “86TVs – Worn Out Buildings”

Alias Kid – Gonna Be A Star

Ballsy Manchester rockers Alias Kid are on a majestic roll. After the storming comeback single ‘She Don’t Yeah Yeah Yeah’ saw the self-assured foursome return in a maelstrom of screeching, life-affirming guitar, latest single ‘Gonna Be A Star’ has them proving they have the dexterity and sheer skill to put together a bonafide anthem too.Continue reading “Alias Kid – Gonna Be A Star”

Statues of Men – Before I Go

Occasionally, very occasionally, a record comes out with an absolutely outrageous, fiercely driving, fucking heavy guitar line that it makes you burst out in borderline-unhinged laughter, not because it’s silly funny but because it’s ridiculously incredible. Well, Statues of Men’s latest release ‘Before I Go’ had us doing just that. More than doing justice toContinue reading “Statues of Men – Before I Go”

Andrew Cushin – Just Like You’d Want Me To

We thought Newcastle lad Andrew Cushin’s career was destined for massive things when his third ever single release was produced by Noel Gallagher and he signed a record deal early on with Peter Doherty’s record label. As if just to round off that nosebleed-inducing level of endorsement, the singer-songwriter is currently finishing off a slewContinue reading “Andrew Cushin – Just Like You’d Want Me To”

Nory-J – Irrelevant, Benevolent

South coast solo artist Nory-J has mustered up the ideal tune to soundtrack the twilight of the summer. Using laid back jazzy beats and a relaxed melody, on ‘Irrelevant, Benevolent’ the dream pop singer-songwriter finds room to breathe easily after a relationship’s pointlessly tempestuous final scenes, creating something reassuringly peaceful out of drama. After exploringContinue reading “Nory-J – Irrelevant, Benevolent”

Sterling Press – What Would You Do?

No two ways about it, we’re in the middle of a Britpop resurgence, with the original players (Blur and Pulp) performing some historic reunions shows and the likes of Sports Team and The Goa Express taking inspiration for some incredible new singles. ‘What Would You Do?’ sees London chaps Sterling Press crashing the party inContinue reading “Sterling Press – What Would You Do?”

Spector – The Notion

Clever, witty lyricism in alternative music is a neglected and underrated art in 2023, with wilfully indecipherable vocals often swamped in shoegaze feedback. We’re pretty damn thrilled, then, that Spector’s new single ‘The Notion’ has frontman Fred Macpherson on fine, dourly witty form, taking an introspective view of bottling up feelings and some weird, jarringContinue reading “Spector – The Notion”

Jaws The Shark – Waiting For Something

From ‘Waiting For Something’s first full-blown, rampaging, US grunge guitar bursts, it’s clear that we’re dealing with some intense, old school alt-rock here from London based solo artiste Jaws The Shark aka Olly Bailey. With all the sure-fire gusto of Foo Fighters at their college-rock finest, the singer-guitarist’s psalm to anticipation and falling prone toContinue reading “Jaws The Shark – Waiting For Something”