Cosmorat – Cool Down

For starters, this may be the only song ever recorded that uses a telephone dialling tone as percussion. Secondly, and most importantly, Cosmorat’s latest single ‘Cool Down’ is a completely fun indie emo-pop tune – a bit like Be Your Own Pet, or No Doubt before they took themselves seriously. The trio formed in Boston,Continue reading “Cosmorat – Cool Down”

Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me

Excellently innovative London post-punks Dry Cleaning are usually famously unfussed, frontwoman Florence Shaw delivering spoken word vocals that barely rise above the volume you would talk into a handsfree phone-mic when trying to keep inconspicuous in the quiet carriage of a train, whilst their guitars drive and clang away like the very best of them.Continue reading “Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me”

Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast – Mighty Muse

Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast are a brand new four piece group from Sheffield. Having only formed in March 2022 they’ve already got it together marvellously to write and record brilliant chant-along debut single ‘Mighty Muse’, a rock’n’roll demon encompassing xylophone and a boldly anthemic guitar solo. Frontman Damian Luke encourages the listener toContinue reading “Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast – Mighty Muse”

Alvvays – Pharmacist

It feels like we say this on every other review at the moment (COVID genuinely screwed everyone’s release plans up, huh) but, after a five year absence, Canada’s Alvvays are back with swoonsome new single ‘Pharmacist’. Gorgeous breathy vocals and an indie-pop melody that would fit right at home on one of Camera Obscura’s finestContinue reading “Alvvays – Pharmacist”

The Lucettas – Cyracos

“Yeah, thing is though, music is not something you can hold in your hand like football betting cards, or coke”… and so starts Essex boys The Lucettas latest single ‘Cyracos’, lead in by a Sopranos quote about the abstract magic of music, and the single’s title, which for the uninitiated is not a Greek islandContinue reading “The Lucettas – Cyracos”

Dirt Royal – Shoot Me Now

If you’ve not been living under a rock for the past few years you’ve no doubt uttered the same sentiment yourself but Brighton punks Dirt Royal are so exasperated they’ve had to go and put their astonishment at the world as it is today into a short Clash/Libertines/Frank Turner inspired ditty named ‘Shoot Me Now’.Continue reading “Dirt Royal – Shoot Me Now”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Spitting Off The Edge Of The World

On the release of ‘Spitting Off The Edge Of The World’ several thousand Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans were able to breath a sigh of grateful relief after the band’s nine year silence suggested their last underwhelming LP ‘Mosquito’ may have been their disappointing swansong. Their latest release dispels all fears and we can confirm KarenContinue reading “Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Spitting Off The Edge Of The World”

Dead Freights – Who Said Scared?

A mischievous mood of violence and tension cloaks ‘Who Said Scared?’ from the off, as Dead Freights beckon in their second single on 25 Hour Convenience Store records with a slow, ringing guitar and a horror film soundtrack sheen – singer Charlie James lyrics poetically digging darkly into an ill-fated relationship: “she said “bury meContinue reading “Dead Freights – Who Said Scared?”

Suede – She Still Leads Me On

The original snake-hipped pioneer kings of Britpop are back with a gorgeous first single from their ninth studio album ‘Autofiction’ – a term meaning half autobiography, half fiction. Lead singer Brett Anderson described the forthcoming LP as “our punk record. No whistles and bells. Just the five of us in a room with all theContinue reading “Suede – She Still Leads Me On”

Shadow Bones – Over and Out

Shadow Bones comes from Surrey, England, and his latest single ‘Over and Out’ is a ginormous, warm, caring hug for anyone battling addiction and despair. The artist also known as Luke Williams describes his musical genre as indie americana and ‘Over and Out’ is positioned somewhere between Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub and Green Day whenContinue reading “Shadow Bones – Over and Out”